For one night only, WAREHOUSE 1425 featured a diverse body of work from 37 of San Diego’s finest artists. Visual artists, photographers, street artists, and more came together to form a community space in which to create together. In just 10 days the artists transformed a dilapidated 6000 sq ft. warehouse into a vibrant and active art space.

Featuring artwork by:

Alli Bautista, Bradford Lynn, Brian Hebets, C. Bilyeu, Cat Cult, Carly Ealey, Christopher Konecki, Diekuts, Dolan Stearns, Eric Wixon, EXIST 1981, GLOW, Honkey Kong, James Norton, Katherine Brannock, LAME, Matty Davis, Micheal Boshart, Miranda Marks, MR.DVICE, NEKO, ONIONS, Paul Drohan, That Kid PEEP, PERSUE aka BunnyKitty, REMIO, SAKE, Senz Wen, SURGE, SUMO and Tocayo